Saturday, January 19, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Federal election by 30 Nov 2013, time to take the gloves off in earnest: Full page open letter to Bob Carr in key marginals

Click on the open letter above to enlarge & read.  Can also be downloaded and printed (colour) HERE and black and white HERE.

By Monday 21st January 2013 that missive will be faxed, tweeted, emailed and sent by registered mail to Bob Carr, with clear receipts/proof of each kept.  If he chooses to ignore it, the next time he's sees it, it'll be within the pages of local newspapers, in the country's most crucial Federal seats.

The latest a Federal election can be held in Australia is 30th November 2013.  There will be a clear schedule put in place for that letter to appear (full page), in key marginals, in economic, independent publications like The Coast Community News (flip through to page 9 for the last graphic example).  That publication's based in the Federal seat of Robertson - and there are many other examples, like The Ocean Grove Voice in the Federal seat of Corangamite.

Material will also be distributed in key seats via posters, leaflets and locally relevant Facebook pages (and any other creative and peaceful ideas).

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