Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A follow up email to The Australian & International Pilots Assocation

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Good morning Kristian,

Here's my recent missive to Captain Barry Jackson re these issues:

Could you please tell Barry that I do expect a formal, written response from your organisation re these very important issues - and that if I haven't received any four weeks from the date of that correspondence, I'll send him a formal, written reminder (and continue to formally send them to him until I do).  Sorry if that sounds a bit aggressive, but your Sydney office repeatedly put the phone down on me this am, when I tried to explain this (post them saying it was nothing to do with them, and that I should contact the Transport Workers Union).

Let's put it this way, I'm a Registered Nurse, and the member of an organisation that represents my interests.  If someone contacts the organisation paid to look after my welfare with major safety concerns, I would be very shocked and unhappy if they ignored that approach and told them to go away. In a similar vein, I would expect your organisation to be extremely concerned about unscreened bags on QANTAS flights, especially when these matters have also been reported (very recently), in the Australian media.  Further, as explained here to Catlin Insurers:

I am also contacting the World's aviation legal community with these very important issues, and my missive to Captain Barry Jackson is a matter of public record.  If he chooses to simply ignore it, I'm afraid (in the event of a related disaster), he may well have to (very publicly), explain why he did.

Best wishes, Kim