Monday, January 7, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A letter to Graham Pewter, CEO of Catlin, a major insurer of QANTAS Airlines

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To Graham Pewter, CC every Catlin office & executive

Dear Graham,

Recent widespread media reports in Australia have revealed QANTAS carries unscreened luggage.  Here's a Sydney Telegraph article, and here's a report on Channel 9 (from point 3.19) - and here's the original Australian Government correspondence proving that horrific lapse. But, as my new letter to Captain Barry Jackson (President of the Australian and International Pilots Association), demonstrates, that's not their only well documented safety failure. You should also know this information is being networked (daily), to the Global aviation legal community.

I guess you're aware a jury found Pan Am guilty of "Willfull misconduct" after the Lockerbie aviation disaster? Here's some more detailed background to that decision. You would also know the huge financial implications of that, as it voided their protection under the Warsaw Convention.

Just letting you know Graham, because you might be able force some action on this horrific situation, as no-one in authority in Australia is willing to act, and the entire hierarchy (corporate and Government), are burying their collective heads in the sand.

Best regards, Kim