Saturday, January 5, 2013

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS security horror & the international aviation community

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To: Nicola Sturgeon, Captain Mark Searle and Patrick McLoughlin

CC (in due course), to every national, regional and local newspaper in the UK - plus every member of the UK and Scottish Parliaments.

Please read to-day's shocking missive about QANTAS's wilful and grossly dangerous breaches of The Chicago Convention, sent to The Australian & International Pilots Association, after this appalling 21 December 2012 article in the Australian press.

Also read this article about the legal pursuit of Pan Am, post the Lockerbie disaster. The damages paid after that tragedy were huge, because of wilful misconduct on the part of the airline.  Further, the legal fraternity dealing with aviation disasters is small, specialised and tightly networked - and we are providing every expert practitioner with all the horrific evidence (re wilful airline misconduct at QANTAS), compiled by The Expendable Project. We'll also formally provide this material to the major commercial aviation insurers - who will then know every lawyer likely to oppose them in (potential), future litigation is forewarned and forearmed with those shocking facts.

Could you please formally contact QANTAS, and the Australian Government, re these matters - as (quite obviously), these terrible security failures also put hundreds of thousands of British lives at risk.