Saturday, February 23, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Campaigning in the key Federal seat of Forde on 23rd Feb 2012

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Here's Olley's Orange Country Market on Google maps and here it is, as located in the crucial Federal seat of Forde.  A full map of the electorate is here, and as can be seen from this result, it changed hands at the last election, and is now held on a margin of just 1.6% by Tony Abbott's party.

It's a very busy shopping precinct, as Olley's Orange sells fruit and vegies much more cheaply than Woolies or Coles, plus other bulk items at discounted prices.

I also hear around 200 of these small (but very graphic), flyers were given out, and from the feedback received from the public, there's no doubt at all they hit a nerve.

Further, it's worth noting this 2012 Jimboomba Times article about Schapelle and The Expendable Project was also seen in key Forde suburbs (such as Greenbank, North MacLean and Park Ridge), as shown in the newspaper's circulation map.

Then this key article in The Gold Coast Bulletin (in 2012), hi-liting The Expendable Project (on page three of a Saturday edition), was widely read in Forde too.  The newspaper's distribution map is here.

And if anyone wants to create their own poster, here's how you can do it, very easily, cheaply and conveniently.