Friday, February 8, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Jason Clare MP protects criminal baggage handlers and organised crime

Click on the image to enlarge & read it. Below a letter to Jason Clare MP (Tweeted and emailed to him on 9 Feb 2013):

Dear Jason,

On the 5th December 2012, I sent you a fax asking what happened to the criminal Sydney Airport baggage handlers the Australian Federal Police openly refer to within their report to the Senate (2009), on page 8, point 3.1. Were they arrested, charged and jailed, if so, what penalty did they receive - and if they weren't apprehended and punished, what's your explanation for this?

However, when I phoned your office nearly six weeks later on the 15th January 2013, your staff claimed they had no recollection  (or record), of my 5th December 2012 missive, even though my fax machine (on the day), clearly recorded a positive and successful transmission. Undeterred, I sent the correspondence again via email - and got an automated response as seen here.  I also telephoned your office on the same day (after re-sending my questions), and your staff clearly confirmed they were received.

Now, earlier this week (ending Friday 8th February), around three weeks later, I again telephoned your office to get some kind of idea when you'd reply.  Unfortunately, your staff were extremely rude and abrupt, and claimed you had "Already" answered my questions of 5th December 2012, on the 16th May 2012, in this letter. When I politely tried to explain this wasn't the case, the woman put the phone down on me mid-sentence.  However Jason, if you closely examine your letter of 16th May 2012, you will see it makes no mention of (or reference to), the eventual fate of the criminal baggage handlers the Australian Federal Police refer to in their 2009 report (see my first paragraph above).  I'm making a very straight forward inquiry, what happened to these felons? Is there any way I can simplify that request? Is there anything you don't understand about it? Because when it's plastered across the front cover of Schapelle's next book, I guess the public will get the point immediately.

I also note these criminal baggage handlers were engaged in serious illegal activity on the 8th October 2004, as detailed in this article, which was the exact same day Schapelle flew. Not only that, they were "At it" (so to speak), the exact hour she flew, as revealed in this A Current Affair report.

Now, in the UK when criminal baggage handlers (at Heathrow Airport), get their just deserts, it's plastered all over the press when they get whacking great sentences - so why's the Australian Government so coy? Got something to hide Jason? Something you'd rather not talk about? Surely to God they didn't get off scot free? Is that why you're so silent and avoidant?

I think that may be the case. Steve Jackson (Head of Security at QANTAS), telephoned my home on the 9th August 2010. As you can see from this bio, he's a very experienced ex-AFP officer. I directly asked him if any QANTAS staff (baggage handlers), were ever arrested, charged or jailed - and he gave me an unqualified "No." Here's the email he sent me when I unsuccessfully tried to clarify some issues with him (after that conversation). Further, here's a quote from page 42 of this QANTAS report to the Senate, backing up Steve Jackson's words.  So what the hell's going on?

So again Jason, please answer my simple questions of 5th December 2012.  I'll send you a formal reminder in four weeks time if I've heard nothing back by then, and then every two weeks thereafter until I do.

Also please note, these serious issues will be presented to the electorates of Corangamite and Dawson on the 4th September 2013, in full page news ads (in the local press), already booked. Further, I suggest you check out Anthony Green's latest election pendulum, paying special attention to all seats held by margins of less than 5% by either party (because I have). That should give you a clear idea where further advertising will be directed - and with nearly 14,000 supporters on Facebook (currently rising by around 100 daily), I don't think funds will be a problem.

Regards Kim