Friday, February 15, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Senator Scott Ludlam, Wikileaks proves Schapelle's innocence, can we please meet with you to discuss this?

ADDIT - Scott Ludlam replies on 20 Feb 2012, and declines to meet on this issue, and here's a further reply on 22 Feb 2012 (from Mrs. Kim Bax), with another request for a meeting. And here's a quote from retired Greens Senator Bob Brown: "Greens leader Bob Brown says an Australian court would never have convicted Schapelle Corby. 'When you look at the trail of evidence, the absence of definitive proof, I don't believe she would have been found guilty in an Australian court and certainly by an Australian jury,' he said." ABC News, 28 May 2005

Click on the image to enlarge and read.  Below, a new letter to Senator Scott Ludlam. ADDIT - Christine Assange re-circulates this explosive news on 16 Feb 2013 as requested.

Dear Scott,

This dramatic new information from Wikileaks adds to the mountain of evidence that Schapelle was an unwitting drug mule for corrupt insiders.  I note your very strong support of Wikileaks.

I also note Senator Christine Milne's recent support of senior retired Australian customs officer Allan Kessing - so Senator Milne also needs to meet with Allan Kessing, to discuss his unequivocal assertion of Schapelle's innocence.

Further still, Christine Assange supports Schapelle, as explained in this flyer - and in her comments here and here.

You should also note my recent questions to Adam Stone on these matters, Green candidate for the Australian Senate.  Perhaps you could discuss an appropriate response with him, before I get to meet him (and other Green candidates), in person?

Can I meet with you to discuss this recent Wikileaks revelation Scott?  I'll phone your office on Monday 18 Feb 2013 with my contact details.  I would also hope for a swift response, as Schapelle is in a dire and life threatening situation.  I note your commendable and outspoken support of Australian Julian Assange, and I agree this brave gentleman has suffered greatly in defence of his beliefs - however, on the scale of things, I guess nearly ten years in a squalid hell hole (with many more to go), is even harder.

Warm regards, Kim