Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Schapelle Corby & Bob Carr, The Complicit & Cowardly Low Life

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Bob, please get off of your extremely well-padded rear, stop covering up the truth and defend an extremely sick Australian from this horrific and ongoing abuse, after to-day's sick news report of the ongoing victimisation (6th March 2013).  I note key Bali Bomber Idris is already free - and I also note Brett Walker's scathing and angry letter to you to-day - and the letter of Dr. Jerome Gelb, Consultant Psychiatrist.  Further Bob, here are some things YOU should note . . .

As early as next week, activists will be lobbying the public, in some of the busiest spots, in some of your most crucial seats with this flyer (and this one), plus this poster - and this one (also blown to AO size), and we'll be filming the replies from the public to send back to you (and the rest of the World). Capiche?