Monday, April 8, 2013

Schapelle Corby & Australia's Zombie Press

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"A Cultural Chernobyl" that's how John Pilger describes Murdoch in this acidic article.  He could have included The Sydney Morning Herald and the whole Fairfax stable in that deadly assessment - they're just as poisonous.  It's also telling Australia's most famous and talented journalist isn't employed Down Under.  He's far too incisive and honest for the corporate zombies in Ocker Land.

So why am I writing this? Well folks, seems the walking un-dead (AKA Fairfax journos and management), are finally heading in the right direction, towards the grave.  Customers are voting with their dollars and their time - and not spending either on the turgid crap that passes for journalism in this country.  Here's the latest on their rapid decline.

Fairfax is also planning pay walls around their on-line content, which is excellent news.  It will shrink their reach even further, as the organisation transforms itself into an eerie necropolis, with no influence outside their own dank echo chamber.

Sadly (in the midst of this telling carnage), their correspondents just stand in a corner, like truculent boys in the school yard, and yell rude names at any reader who hi-lites their obvious failings.  For instance, any half literate bozo knows there's NO flow of marijuana FROM Australia TO Bali.  That's confirmed by early press reports (before the clamp down), by Australian Customs in a 2011 letter, and by United Nations price data.  It's also confirmed by the very obvious fact Schapelle's the only person (ever), convicted of this "Crime." That points to two possibilities (given the bulk and pungency of the drug), either every border cop in Bali and Australia is terminally blind and stupid - or the early press reports, Australian Customs and the United Nations are right.  However, any member of the public who brings this stark common sense to the attention of Fairfax's arrogant scribes has no hope of a sane response.  Like The Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland, they scream bizarre insults and blindly stumble on, hobbled by yet-to-crumble delusions of their own grandeur.

Does it take a certain type of narcissistic personality disorder to be an Australian journalist nowadays? Though I guess they have one saving grace, just like the dinosaurs, they're dying out fast.

Addit - also see this scathing response to Bernard Keane of Crikey. Not a Fairfax journo, but the same principles apply, and here's The Primary Smear Report.