Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Julia Gillard is NOT a "Feminist"

Dear Julia,

I see you’re trying to boost your rapidly dropping support by spinning yourself as a promoter of women’s rights, as per these very latest news reports.  Pass me the vomit bag please . . . because despite public revelations in New Idea Magazine (in May 2012, read by over 1.3 million Australian women), about the high level corruption that sent an innocent Australian woman to hell, you still silently condone the insider criminality that tied her to the stake.  You’d rather see Schapelle burn and die than answer questions about the QANTAS baggage handlers who imported 200 kilos of cocaine in 2004 (the SAME crew dealing with her bags), who escaped all consequences for their squalid crimes.  

And for a supposed “Feminist” you’re also strangely quiet about the accused Bali rapist, who allegedly attacked an Aussie woman at knifepoint while her kids slept in the next room (then robbed her), and now, at the very most, faces just 12 years - a walk in the park compared to Schapelle’s savage 20 year term.  But I guess that’s “Normal” for a woman who also refused to condemn an Indonesian terrorist’s paltry 5 year term for blowing up dozens of your own citizens (and many more from other countries), then rewarded the foreign Government who freed him with billions of our tax dollars.  

The murdering animal also got much treatment than Schapelle while he served his short sentence, as the female prisoners in Kerobokan jail are routinely treated as second class citizens . . .
"Boredom is a constant. There is little to do in jail in Bali, especially if you are in the women’s block. While the men are allowed to run courses, learning computers and English and art, there is very little for the women." Herald Sun 23 Jan 2013
. . . but that’s something else you deliberately ignore, along with recent polls which show the overwhelming majority of Australian women want Schapelle home NOW.

Leading Australian journalist John Pilger hit the nail squarely on the head in his scathing assessment of your supposed “Feminist credentials." I couldn’t agree more . . .

Regards Kim