Friday, June 21, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Julia Gillard's Minister ADMITS major drug criminals were never arrested or charged, but has NOT explained why

(Note on 22 June 2013, the questions below were Tweeted to Jason Clare MP and emailed to him - and here's a screen grab of an automated receipt from him, in response to that email)

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your recent letter in reply to my 5 December 2012 fax.  It only took you 6 months and numerous reminders in the interim - and here's the definitive background on the laborious process.

However, it's a huge breakthrough that (finally), we have full, official confirmation that NONE of the Sydney Airport QANTAS baggage handlers, who imported huge quantities of drugs, were ever arrested or charged.  I'm sure that will be a prime exhibit in Schapelle's next book.  The first one sold over 100,000 copies in the first year, is still selling - and is now translated into six languages.

Now, without wanting to be a nuisance and wake you up from your long nap, can you please answer these further questions . . .

1.  WHY was there "Insufficient evidence" to convict these serious criminals considering:

a) The very major danger corrupt staff pose to the flying public.  It was a key factor in the Lockerbie aviation disaster.

b) The clear ability of UK police to convict corrupt baggage handlers in these circumstances.

c) The startlingly clear fact there were only ten suspects (baggage handlers), working on 8 October 2004, the day of a major cocaine importation and the exact day Schapelle flew . . .

d) The obvious fact that innocent passenger Gary MacDonald's bag did not sprout legs and a brain, and walk out of the airport under it's own steam on 8 October 2004.

e) The clear witness statements stating the guilt of baggage handlers

f) The unequivocal statements from senior police officers at the time, re the guilt of the baggage handlers.

2. As Australia's Minister for Justice (who is paid very large amounts of money to run his portfolio), have you ever had the common sense and integrity to ask the simple question I have in point 1 above?  If so, what responses did you receive? If not, can you explain why?

3.  What investigations were there into QANTAS's carriage of unscreened luggage on that day (8 October 2004)? What was the outcome? Was anyone disciplined/sacked over the very serious security breach? And what measures were taken to prevent further re-occurence?

4.  On 8 October 2004, QANTAS employed baggage handlers with very serious forensic histories (which occurred before they were hired) e.g. Tom (more on him here), Norman Niass and Easton Barrington James.  Can you please explain these extremely serious security failures?

Please note, that from now until Schapelle is released, full page news ads re these very serious security breaches at QANTAS will be running in the foreign press (maybe Texas first? Followed by other key destinations), probably every 3 to 5 weeks.  They'll also be scanned and shared via the social media too (each time), including Twitter . . .

I've also just put in a formal corruption complaint re these issues to ACLEI.  As the organisation has never recommended a single prosecution in its entire existence, I don't expect a relevant or honest outcome.  In fact, I hear people are already taking bets re whether or not they will dismiss my complaint straight away - or after more than a year of procrastination. However, it's a useful exercise vis a vis publicly demonstrating the same for the historical record.

Regards, Kim