Monday, June 17, 2013

Schapelle Corby - New poll confirms Australian Greens leader Christine Milne is severely on the nose with the electorate

This new poll confirms Christine Milne (leader of the Australian Greens), is one of the LEAST trusted people in Australia.  She's 94th  on a list of a 100 - with number 100 being the very bottom of the barrel.  So let's re-cap on some of her squalid and unprincipled behaviour . . .

She supports Senator Larissa Waters (Green's Senator for Queensland), point blank refusal to help a fellow Queenslanders (e.g. Schapelle and her family), and meet with her supporters to discuss the issues - and she also supports the outright rejection of Senator Sarah Hanson-Young (the Greens offical representative on human rights), to take action as requested.  This is despite the fact that in 2005 (when Schapelle was the "Flavour of the month"), the Greens sought to capitalise on her desperate situation (and generate publicity for themselves), by organising protests on her behalf - but but since the vicious and corrupt media smear campaign, the Australian Greens have run as fast as they can from this desperately ill woman.

And after calling Christine Milne's office on the afternoon of 18 June 2013, about this ignored fax of 5 December 2012 to her office (about the illegal importation of 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia by corrupt Qantas baggage handlers), her staff put the phone down on me, after saying Christine Milne has chosen to ignore it - and it's her right to do that.

Further, Christine Milne has also completely ignored these hugely urgent questions to her about Australia's border corruption crisis.

Personally (though some may not agree with me), I think we're facing the biggest environmental catastrophe in the history of the Planet, as we stare into the abyss of Global warming and resource depletion - however, I do NOT trust the elected politicians of the Australian Greens to act in a reliable and trustworthy way on these huge issues either.  Why would they? When they're patently betraying the public's trust on other core matters.