Saturday, July 6, 2013

Schapelle Corby - What if Kevin Rudd's daughter Jessica found herself in the same situation?

Dear Kevin,

I hear your daughter Jessica's going to help you on the campaign trail (news report 6 July 2013), so I guess you're a lucky man to have her by your side.  Others aren't so fortunate, Michael Corby, an ordinary, hard working miner, died in agony, witnessing his daughter Schapelle's abuse in one of the most violent and squalid prisons in the World after she was sentenced to an unprecedented 20 years for a crime she didn't commit. So let's cast an eye over another scenario . . . .

Jessica rocks up at Bali Airport (after flying there from Sydney, Australia), and is horrified when 4.2 kilos of marijuana is found in her bag.  She vehemently denies ownership of the contraband, plus any knowledge of the bizarre incident.  And why's it bizarre? Because there's no known flow of marijuana FROM Australia TO Bali, as the drug's one hundred times cheaper on the Indonesian island - and this discovery's the first of its kind, ever.

However, when she begs for CCTV from the Australian airports she transited through (to prove her innocence), she's told every single frame, from hundreds of cameras, is either lost or destroyed. At this, you go ballistic, and storm down to the airport yourself.  Within hours, the Australian Federal Police have confiscated every second of footage in sight, and several high profile figures are facing the sack.

And when you demand the Sydney Airport x-ray pictures of her luggage - and get told there are none (despite a 100% screening requirement for all bags going to Indonesia - scroll to page 4, part 5, 2nd paragraph) - you hit the roof again, and there's an instant, high level investigation into this horrific security failure.

You also suspend all ten Sydney Airport baggage handlers working that day, pending serious criminal investigations - and immediately get on the blower to Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police, who tells you innocent passengers are often used as unwitting drug mules.

It gets worse when you learn another passenger's luggage was tampered with on the same day - and finally found on the other side of Sydney, containing 10 kilos of cocaine. Then you go insane with rage when you discover the long criminal histories of QANTAS porters like Easton Barrington James, Norman Niass and Tom.   You also hear Australian tourists like Steve and Dee nearly ended up in the same situation as your daughter, when they found a block of hashish in their luggage as they settled into their Bali hotel room.

You also demand a full forensic investigation into all the physical evidence - and you make sure nothing is trashed and burnt without these crucial tests.  Then you scream abuse at Indonesian authorities when they tell you all CCTV footage of your daughter's arrest and interrogation was "Lost" - and rage even more furiously when they admit they couldn't be bothered to weigh her bag on arrival, to compare that figure with her check-in weight. An international incident is on the cards . . .

Sadly, none of this happened in Schapelle's case.  Her Dad was just a humble, hard-working miner - not a Prime Minister with a personal fortune of over $56 million . . .

"BRW also estimated the wealth of federal politicians in the House of Representatives. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's figure came in at $56 million, largely through the wealth of entrepreneur wife Therese Rein. She is the founder of Ingeus, which provides employment services to disadvantaged job-seekers." The Age, 26 May 2010

Sadly, all Schapelle's worth is your long forgotten promise . . .

Regards, Kim