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Schapelle Corby - A letter sent to Kerrie Mather, CEO of Sydney Airport Corporation

And widely shared via the social media HERE

Dear Kerrie,
Recent news articles reveal the cleaners who sweep the halls of Sydney Airport pay more tax than the corporation that employs them, quote:
“Sydney Airport has paid no tax in the 10 years since it was privatised by the government.” Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2013
And I also note you refused to answer questions on the scandal:
“Earlier this week, a request to interview Sydney Airport's chief executive Kerrie Mather was rejected. Ms Mather was not available to answer questions via email either. A spokeswoman for Ms Mather did not deny the proposition that the airport had paid zero tax for the decade.” Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2013
So may I draw your attention to some other hi-profile skeletons in the closet you’ve ignored, the carriage of unscreened luggage on flights out of Sydney Airport and  the employment of hard-core criminals.  
Government letters prove Schapelle’s boogie board bag was diverted away from the legally requiring scanning process by corrupt insiders after she checked it in, and further, the Federal Government’s Minister for Justice has just formally admitted none of the Sydney Airport baggage handlers who used another innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule on the day she flew were arrested or charged.  The Minister also refused to provide an explanation for that glaring ommission, so it’s now the subject of further complaints.  However, the porters in question were in a drug syndicate with a Director of Macquarie Bank, who owned Sydney Airport Corporation at the time, quote:
“Qantas baggage handlers were paid $300,000 to smuggle a briefcase of cocaine through Sydney airport, a court was told today. The allegation was set out in court documents tendered during a bail hearing for Ian Robert Chalmers, 40, charged over an alleged conspiracy to import $15 million of cocaine into Australia . . . Chalmers, a former Macquarie Bank director, was refused bail by Sydney's Central Local Court.Sydney Morning Herald, 11 May 2005
So Kerrie, what’s your explanation for Schapelle’s unscreened bag, and the failure to inform her legal team of this corrupt interference at the time of her trial - and what’s your reaction to the continuing freedom of Sydney Airport baggage handlers who imported around 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004 (via innocent airline passengers), in cahoots with a Director of the bank who owned the airport?
Regards, Kim

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Schapelle Corby - Kevin Rudd's still covering up for criminal airport staff: A formal right to information request to the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

Dear Philip,

This is a formal Right to Information request.  Please treat it as such - and in making it, I also formally note your organisation has never recommended a single prosecution against any person, since it was founded in 2006. That was the advice I was given when I asked one of your officers about the history of successful prosecutions (post your investigations).

I repeatedly asked Kevin Rudd's Minister for Justice, Jason Clare MP, why none of these criminal QANTAS baggage handlers were ever arrested or charged.  This an extremely urgent question, as they also diverted passenger's luggage away from the legally required screening processes, so the inherent danger is obvious to anyone with a shred of common sense.  Eventually, Jason Clare MP was forced to respond with a letter claiming there was "Insufficient evidence"to convict them - and when I asked WHY there was "Insufficient evidence" to convict them I was (in effect), formally told f**k off and go away in this further letter.  As a result of that, I put in this formal complaint to yourselves on the 19th of June 2013 (over two months ago now) - and you may also wish to note that corrupt police were taking payments from corrupt baggage handlers, as per these 17 October 2005 minutes from a high level New South Wales Crime Commission meeting.

Therefore, can I please have a copy of all your organisation's deliberations (to date), about my 19th June 2013 complaint, taking into account I do not want copies of my own correspondence to you (which obviously, I have already).

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - New Idea Magazine exposes the cover-up on Monday 19 August 2013

Widely shared details HERE

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Schapelle Corby - Exposing the facts at Rocklea Market (Federal Seat of Moreton) Sunday 18 August 2013

Click on the image above to enlarge it several times the size seen here. More details and footage coming soon.

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Schapelle Corby - Confronting the racism of Eva Sundari

Dear Eva Sundari,

Here are the facts which you do not mention . . .

1.  Schapelle is innocent - and by speaking out against her, you are protecting the high level Australian Government corruption which sent her to hell - and you are also protecting the real drug criminals who were ferrying drugs in the luggage of innocent and unwitting airline passengers, as described by Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police.  Please watch this documentary and inform yourself.

2.  The highest sentence ever given to an Indonesian (in Indonesia), charged with a similar alleged offence, is just 5 years, as described in this fax from Schapelle's Indonesian lawyer.

3.  Very many Indonesian terrorists, who committed terrible crimes of violence against innocent people, were freed years earlier than Schapelle, after serving very much shorter sentences.  In fact, the majority of them were out by 2010.

4.  The Indonesian men who helped to behead three children on their way to school got a much lesser sentence than Schapelle.

5.  The Bali robber who knifed a young Australian woman to death with 37 deep wounds got a much lesser sentence than Schapelle.

6.  Adult Indonesian people smugglers (jailed in Australia), are routinely sent home months earlier than their full term (within weeks), even though their sentences are very short anyway.  Examples here and here. Indonesia refuses to grant this mercy to Australians jailed in their country.

7.  Indonesians jailed in Australia get high quality (and free), medical and dental care.  They also get good food (and drinkable water), excellent education/leisure facilities and hygienic living quarters - while Australians jailed in Indonesia are treated so badly (in filthy conditions), it's a wonder they survive at all.

8.  The Bali jail boss, Mohammad Sudrajat, who was dealing in drugs, got only 4 years.

9.  Corrupt Indonesian officials (who are sent to jail), are routinely given "Holidays" from their cells to watch the tennis - as shown here.

Regards, Kim  PS - also widely shared on Facebook HERE and in the comments section of The Jakarta Post HERE

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Peter Beattie discusses Schapelle Corby - Sunday 11 August 2013

Dear Peter,

A brief note to update you, after your meeting with me at Beenleigh Sunday Market to-day.

First, thank you for your time, and agreeing with me it's a miracle Schapelle's still alive.  I gave you the front of this flyer (which you kept) - here's the back (which I didn't give you).  You also appeared to pay attention when I told you about the coming full-page ads in the foreign press, re QANTAS's illegal carriage of un-screened luggage, and you asked what evidence we have.  Check out this link, and read carefully, because you'll find all the gory details/Government correspondence there.

I guess you're very busy, so it's understandable you couldn't recall this recent correspondence from me - so I'll re-iterate the main points and a couple of fresh ones (bearing in mind you're an intelligent gentleman, with sharp political instincts) . . .
  • This very recent Channel 9 Facebook thread/posting dramatically reveals the continuing public fascination with Schapelle, and the overwhelming public support for her return - as does this Facebook posting, which was published on her birthday this year, and shared amongst hundreds of thousands of Aussies via the social media.
So Peter, if you want some high profile attention and major support for your Forde campaign, getting a local girl home is an excellent move. It's a win/win - in other words, no really nasty QANTAS ads in the international press, and nothing but praise for yourself.

Best wishes, Kim

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Schapelle Corby - Bali Bar movie outs Australian Government corruption to thousands of Aussie tourists

Widely shared details HERE

Schapelle Corby - A letter to ex-Queensland Premier Peter Beattie

Dear Peter,

We met face to face a few years ago now, when I was campaigning for seat belts on school buses, and you were still Premier of Queensland. You were forced to commence an inquiry as a result of those efforts - and your Transport Minister got some instant Karma when he personally left a message on my friend's mobile phone, banning me from speaking to his entire department.  I believe a few TV and radio stations (and newspapers), ran the story of his vitriol.

Obviously that effort was generated by concern for my own kids, and other families.  My children are grown up now, young adults - so when someone sent me an email, asking me to look into Schapelle's issues more closely, I did.  Let's face it, Schapelle could be my daughter - it's easy to empathise with this young woman's Mum (who lives in the seat you're hoping to win, and is probably deeply disgusted with all politicians).  What I found was shocking, and it got worse the further I looked, and the more I researched.  Here's a fairly recent article in The Jimboomba Times (which circulates in significant areas of Forde - the Federal seat you're contesting), exposing the cover-up and linking my bus safety campaign with my advocacy for Schapelle - and here's some more recent (and graphic), campaigning in that electorate.

The gross corruption involved in Schapelle's unjust conviction was also recently outed in the women's magazines (circulation over 1.3 million), in this article and this one - and a poll of their readers showed most of them want her home now.  Plus there's an ongoing grassroots campaign (in the the ALP's key Federal seats), alerting thousands of women every week, described here and here - and this is a message to you from them.

And the public mood couldn't be clearer on Schapelle's return - as per this very recent Channel 9 posting (it got MASSIVE attention), and this hugely shared graphic on her birthday.

We're also campaigning at Rocklea markets very soon (Federal electorate of Moreton), with this large, graphic poster - and hundreds of flyers (front here, back here).  I rang Graham Perrett's office (to-day), the local ALP member, telling his staff of that plan, and politely asked for a reply to this question.  They said they couldn't care less, and put the phone down on me.  So no worries Peter, when voters at the Market ask about Graham Perrett's response to this issue, we're more than happy to tell them.

So Peter, despite your posturing on this issue in 2005 and Kevin Rudd's theatrics, a dangerously ill young woman still suffers in some of the most squalid conditions on earth (enduring the most sickening abuses), much longer than the 57 vicious, murdering Indonesian terrorists who were already free over three years ago - and much longer than the convicted Indonesian people smugglers the ALP send home early without a second thought.  Schapelle's sentence was also an example of gross racism, as described by her Indonesian lawyer; she got a term four times higher than any given to an Indonesian (in Indonesia), for the same alleged offence, ever.

Would that be acceptable for your daughter Larissa? And what about Kevin Rudd's progeny, Jessica? Here's a hypothetical description of Kev's reaction.  But I guess it's OK for the child of hard working Queensland miner, who can't fight back because he's dead - and dead men can't sue.  So, you protect and fight for ordinary Queenslanders do you Peter? Pass me the sick bag before I throw up . . . you're just a mundane reflection of the pallid, spineless politicians who inhabit the corridors of power in Australia, and put their own interests first and last.  If Schapelle was British or American, she'd have been home years ago . . .

So here's a promise to you (and you can depend on it) - if Schapelle's not home very, very soon, there will be full page ads in the international press (targeting QANTAS's prime destinations), exposing their illegal carriage of unscreened luggage and employment of vicious criminals. That should have both the corporation (and their investors), squealing with pain.  Do wish to push it that far?  Do you want test our resolve?  It would be wiser to do your job for once, and protect and fight for an Australian.

Regards, Kim

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Schapelle Corby - Exposing Kevin Rudd's political hypocrisy all over the social media, every day - A letter to him

Dear Kevin,

Despite your widely spruiked "Toughness" on asylum seekers, you're sending Indonesian people smugglers home well before the end of their already short jail terms (housed in  comparatively luxurious conditions during their stay), while leaving Aussie citizens to rot in Indonesia's squalid hell holes.  Of course, this also torpedoes any chance of a "Prisoner exchange" treaty with that country (as per your long-forgotten 2005 promises), because the Indonesian Government's already getting everything they want for nothing.  Why don't you just bend down and lick their boots too, while you're at it? You might as well.

Meanwhile, as per this brief, widely distributed press letter, most of the Bali Bombers are already free - and Schapelle's sentence was four times longer than ANY Indonesian sentence for the same alleged offence, as per this fax from her Indonesian lawyer in 2005.  And I see you junked your feigned "Outrage" at the clear domestic corruption involved in her conviction long ago, because your angry letter to the then Opposition now lies at the bottom of your waste paper basket.

But did you know the Aussie people aren't fools, because according to this Readers Digest survey, they reckon you and your ilk are less trustworthy than used salesmen or sex workers.  So in other words, if you went on the game, you'd have more respect.  Sounds like a spot-on judgement to me.

So here's telling you Kev - your blatant hypocrisy is now exposed all over the social media, every day, via this Facebook search engine - and here's today's VERY widely shared outcome.

Have a good day Kev . . .

Schapelle Corby - Campaigning in Ipswich, Queensland, key Federal seat of Blair, on Tuesday 6 August 2013. A letter to Shayne Neumann, the local ALP member

Dear Shayne,

Just to let you know around 400 flyers and posters were distributed in your local electorate to-day (the key seat of Blair), by activists who wish to remain anonymous.  Here's the front page of the flyer, and here's the back page - and here's the poster.  Copies were left in busy coffee spots, and on newsagent shelves.  Though I very much doubt you'll come across that poster yourself - but thousands of women in your electorate would have seen it, because it was publicised like this in one of your busy local shopping centres.  Much more of the same coming I hear . . .

Regards, Kim

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Schapelle Corby - Campaigning in key Federal seats (Queensland), on Sunday 4 August 2013

A letter to the ALP's candidate for Forde (in Queensland), Des Hardman . . .

Dear Des,

Olley's Orange Country Market is packed with people on a Sunday afternoon, they sell great fruit and vegies much cheaper than Woolies - it's also in your electorate of Forde, in St. Aldwyn Road, North MacLean.  Here's St. Aldwyn Road on Google maps and here it is, as located in your electorate.  And as I'm sure you know, Forde is a key seat that changed hands at the last election and is now held by the LNP on a wafer thin margin.

Now, on Sunday 4 August 2013, activists handed out around 150 flyers, front page here, back page here at Olley's - as well as displaying the large, graphic poster seen at the top of this blog post.  They also left a good sized calling card on the public notice board right next to Olley's front door, seen here.  I've also heard that info will be kept in place throughout this election campaign, at that spot.

Now, as you know - Queenslanders aren't known for being particularly politically correct - so I'll relay some of their less colourful comments. This one about politicians in general (including your mate Kevin Rudd), "They're all a bunch of useless cockheads" - and about Schapelle "That girl should have been home years go" and "I don't believe she did it."

Plus this issue got a very high profile outing on the social media on Sunday 4 August, check out this Guardian Australia thread.

Much more of the same coming Des . . .

PS - I also hear there was quite a bit of activity at The Logan Hyperdome over the weekend, as described here.

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