Saturday, August 10, 2013

Peter Beattie discusses Schapelle Corby - Sunday 11 August 2013

Dear Peter,

A brief note to update you, after your meeting with me at Beenleigh Sunday Market to-day.

First, thank you for your time, and agreeing with me it's a miracle Schapelle's still alive.  I gave you the front of this flyer (which you kept) - here's the back (which I didn't give you).  You also appeared to pay attention when I told you about the coming full-page ads in the foreign press, re QANTAS's illegal carriage of un-screened luggage, and you asked what evidence we have.  Check out this link, and read carefully, because you'll find all the gory details/Government correspondence there.

I guess you're very busy, so it's understandable you couldn't recall this recent correspondence from me - so I'll re-iterate the main points and a couple of fresh ones (bearing in mind you're an intelligent gentleman, with sharp political instincts) . . .
  • This very recent Channel 9 Facebook thread/posting dramatically reveals the continuing public fascination with Schapelle, and the overwhelming public support for her return - as does this Facebook posting, which was published on her birthday this year, and shared amongst hundreds of thousands of Aussies via the social media.
So Peter, if you want some high profile attention and major support for your Forde campaign, getting a local girl home is an excellent move. It's a win/win - in other words, no really nasty QANTAS ads in the international press, and nothing but praise for yourself.

Best wishes, Kim