Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Campaigning in Ipswich, Queensland, key Federal seat of Blair, on Tuesday 6 August 2013. A letter to Shayne Neumann, the local ALP member

Dear Shayne,

Just to let you know around 400 flyers and posters were distributed in your local electorate to-day (the key seat of Blair), by activists who wish to remain anonymous.  Here's the front page of the flyer, and here's the back page - and here's the poster.  Copies were left in busy coffee spots, and on newsagent shelves.  Though I very much doubt you'll come across that poster yourself - but thousands of women in your electorate would have seen it, because it was publicised like this in one of your busy local shopping centres.  Much more of the same coming I hear . . .

Regards, Kim