Monday, August 12, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Confronting the racism of Eva Sundari

Dear Eva Sundari,

Here are the facts which you do not mention . . .

1.  Schapelle is innocent - and by speaking out against her, you are protecting the high level Australian Government corruption which sent her to hell - and you are also protecting the real drug criminals who were ferrying drugs in the luggage of innocent and unwitting airline passengers, as described by Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police.  Please watch this documentary and inform yourself.

2.  The highest sentence ever given to an Indonesian (in Indonesia), charged with a similar alleged offence, is just 5 years, as described in this fax from Schapelle's Indonesian lawyer.

3.  Very many Indonesian terrorists, who committed terrible crimes of violence against innocent people, were freed years earlier than Schapelle, after serving very much shorter sentences.  In fact, the majority of them were out by 2010.

4.  The Indonesian men who helped to behead three children on their way to school got a much lesser sentence than Schapelle.

5.  The Bali robber who knifed a young Australian woman to death with 37 deep wounds got a much lesser sentence than Schapelle.

6.  Adult Indonesian people smugglers (jailed in Australia), are routinely sent home months earlier than their full term (within weeks), even though their sentences are very short anyway.  Examples here and here. Indonesia refuses to grant this mercy to Australians jailed in their country.

7.  Indonesians jailed in Australia get high quality (and free), medical and dental care.  They also get good food (and drinkable water), excellent education/leisure facilities and hygienic living quarters - while Australians jailed in Indonesia are treated so badly (in filthy conditions), it's a wonder they survive at all.

8.  The Bali jail boss, Mohammad Sudrajat, who was dealing in drugs, got only 4 years.

9.  Corrupt Indonesian officials (who are sent to jail), are routinely given "Holidays" from their cells to watch the tennis - as shown here.

Regards, Kim  PS - also widely shared on Facebook HERE and in the comments section of The Jakarta Post HERE