Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Exposing Kevin Rudd's political hypocrisy all over the social media, every day - A letter to him

Dear Kevin,

Despite your widely spruiked "Toughness" on asylum seekers, you're sending Indonesian people smugglers home well before the end of their already short jail terms (housed in  comparatively luxurious conditions during their stay), while leaving Aussie citizens to rot in Indonesia's squalid hell holes.  Of course, this also torpedoes any chance of a "Prisoner exchange" treaty with that country (as per your long-forgotten 2005 promises), because the Indonesian Government's already getting everything they want for nothing.  Why don't you just bend down and lick their boots too, while you're at it? You might as well.

Meanwhile, as per this brief, widely distributed press letter, most of the Bali Bombers are already free - and Schapelle's sentence was four times longer than ANY Indonesian sentence for the same alleged offence, as per this fax from her Indonesian lawyer in 2005.  And I see you junked your feigned "Outrage" at the clear domestic corruption involved in her conviction long ago, because your angry letter to the then Opposition now lies at the bottom of your waste paper basket.

But did you know the Aussie people aren't fools, because according to this Readers Digest survey, they reckon you and your ilk are less trustworthy than used salesmen or sex workers.  So in other words, if you went on the game, you'd have more respect.  Sounds like a spot-on judgement to me.

So here's telling you Kev - your blatant hypocrisy is now exposed all over the social media, every day, via this Facebook search engine - and here's today's VERY widely shared outcome.

Have a good day Kev . . .