Saturday, August 24, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A letter sent to Kerrie Mather, CEO of Sydney Airport Corporation

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Dear Kerrie,
Recent news articles reveal the cleaners who sweep the halls of Sydney Airport pay more tax than the corporation that employs them, quote:
“Sydney Airport has paid no tax in the 10 years since it was privatised by the government.” Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2013
And I also note you refused to answer questions on the scandal:
“Earlier this week, a request to interview Sydney Airport's chief executive Kerrie Mather was rejected. Ms Mather was not available to answer questions via email either. A spokeswoman for Ms Mather did not deny the proposition that the airport had paid zero tax for the decade.” Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2013
So may I draw your attention to some other hi-profile skeletons in the closet you’ve ignored, the carriage of unscreened luggage on flights out of Sydney Airport and  the employment of hard-core criminals.  
Government letters prove Schapelle’s boogie board bag was diverted away from the legally requiring scanning process by corrupt insiders after she checked it in, and further, the Federal Government’s Minister for Justice has just formally admitted none of the Sydney Airport baggage handlers who used another innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule on the day she flew were arrested or charged.  The Minister also refused to provide an explanation for that glaring ommission, so it’s now the subject of further complaints.  However, the porters in question were in a drug syndicate with a Director of Macquarie Bank, who owned Sydney Airport Corporation at the time, quote:
“Qantas baggage handlers were paid $300,000 to smuggle a briefcase of cocaine through Sydney airport, a court was told today. The allegation was set out in court documents tendered during a bail hearing for Ian Robert Chalmers, 40, charged over an alleged conspiracy to import $15 million of cocaine into Australia . . . Chalmers, a former Macquarie Bank director, was refused bail by Sydney's Central Local Court.Sydney Morning Herald, 11 May 2005
So Kerrie, what’s your explanation for Schapelle’s unscreened bag, and the failure to inform her legal team of this corrupt interference at the time of her trial - and what’s your reaction to the continuing freedom of Sydney Airport baggage handlers who imported around 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004 (via innocent airline passengers), in cahoots with a Director of the bank who owned the airport?
Regards, Kim