Thursday, August 8, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A letter to ex-Queensland Premier Peter Beattie

Dear Peter,

We met face to face a few years ago now, when I was campaigning for seat belts on school buses, and you were still Premier of Queensland. You were forced to commence an inquiry as a result of those efforts - and your Transport Minister got some instant Karma when he personally left a message on my friend's mobile phone, banning me from speaking to his entire department.  I believe a few TV and radio stations (and newspapers), ran the story of his vitriol.

Obviously that effort was generated by concern for my own kids, and other families.  My children are grown up now, young adults - so when someone sent me an email, asking me to look into Schapelle's issues more closely, I did.  Let's face it, Schapelle could be my daughter - it's easy to empathise with this young woman's Mum (who lives in the seat you're hoping to win, and is probably deeply disgusted with all politicians).  What I found was shocking, and it got worse the further I looked, and the more I researched.  Here's a fairly recent article in The Jimboomba Times (which circulates in significant areas of Forde - the Federal seat you're contesting), exposing the cover-up and linking my bus safety campaign with my advocacy for Schapelle - and here's some more recent (and graphic), campaigning in that electorate.

The gross corruption involved in Schapelle's unjust conviction was also recently outed in the women's magazines (circulation over 1.3 million), in this article and this one - and a poll of their readers showed most of them want her home now.  Plus there's an ongoing grassroots campaign (in the the ALP's key Federal seats), alerting thousands of women every week, described here and here - and this is a message to you from them.

And the public mood couldn't be clearer on Schapelle's return - as per this very recent Channel 9 posting (it got MASSIVE attention), and this hugely shared graphic on her birthday.

We're also campaigning at Rocklea markets very soon (Federal electorate of Moreton), with this large, graphic poster - and hundreds of flyers (front here, back here).  I rang Graham Perrett's office (to-day), the local ALP member, telling his staff of that plan, and politely asked for a reply to this question.  They said they couldn't care less, and put the phone down on me.  So no worries Peter, when voters at the Market ask about Graham Perrett's response to this issue, we're more than happy to tell them.

So Peter, despite your posturing on this issue in 2005 and Kevin Rudd's theatrics, a dangerously ill young woman still suffers in some of the most squalid conditions on earth (enduring the most sickening abuses), much longer than the 57 vicious, murdering Indonesian terrorists who were already free over three years ago - and much longer than the convicted Indonesian people smugglers the ALP send home early without a second thought.  Schapelle's sentence was also an example of gross racism, as described by her Indonesian lawyer; she got a term four times higher than any given to an Indonesian (in Indonesia), for the same alleged offence, ever.

Would that be acceptable for your daughter Larissa? And what about Kevin Rudd's progeny, Jessica? Here's a hypothetical description of Kev's reaction.  But I guess it's OK for the child of hard working Queensland miner, who can't fight back because he's dead - and dead men can't sue.  So, you protect and fight for ordinary Queenslanders do you Peter? Pass me the sick bag before I throw up . . . you're just a mundane reflection of the pallid, spineless politicians who inhabit the corridors of power in Australia, and put their own interests first and last.  If Schapelle was British or American, she'd have been home years ago . . .

So here's a promise to you (and you can depend on it) - if Schapelle's not home very, very soon, there will be full page ads in the international press (targeting QANTAS's prime destinations), exposing their illegal carriage of unscreened luggage and employment of vicious criminals. That should have both the corporation (and their investors), squealing with pain.  Do wish to push it that far?  Do you want test our resolve?  It would be wiser to do your job for once, and protect and fight for an Australian.

Regards, Kim