Sunday, November 10, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A formal request to Anthony Flannery, Head of News & Current Affairs at Channel 10

Dear Anthony,

This is a formal request to you, which I'm also passing on to the relevant legal experts.  I've also just spoken to your Executive Assistant Kate Vernon, who gave me her email address (after I gave her a brief background to this situation), so I'll also pass it on to you via Kate. Further, I'll provide my private contact details to you via that route, so you can formally respond to me in writing too.

Could you please formally ask your employee Paul Bongiorno (in writing), to remove his defamatory and untrue Tweet about Schapelle's family, as (in my opinion), I don't believe it's in accordance with your Code of Conduct. It may also embroil him high profile legal proceedings, which will not reflect well on Channel 10.  I assume you're aware of the outcome re previous legal proceedings, on a similar issue?

Paul Bongiorno has ignored all my requests to remove his defamatory Tweet, including my latest, detailed missive (which was Tweeted to him).

Further, as well as the quote from your Code of Conduct included in the graphic above, I also note this one . . . (on page 4):

"You must refrain from: Engaging in conduct, including acting contrary to publicly accepted social and moral standards and decency, which is detrimental to the business or reputation of the Company."

Regards, Kim