Saturday, November 2, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A message for the desperate, unknown actress who thinks playing Schapelle in a grubby, lying television drama will shoot her to fame

Dear Krew,

There's a stark precedent for what you're doing, as described HERE by Michael Chamberlain in his recent book Heart of Stone.

But Elaine Hudson sank like a stone, while the truthful, quality material required the best in the lead role.  So you're obviously the el cheapo version . . . (just like Elaine).

Sweetie, no-one's interested in a movie based on a book of self-evident crap by journalist no-one's ever heard of, who's so incompetent he was forced to shred his first ever (before or since), publication, via a court order - and spearheaded by an actor who's never even met the living woman she's "Playing."

No, the public's interested in Schapelle's OWN story, they want her vivid, living narrative - not some third-rate shite "Acted" by a fourth-rate unknown.

You're obviously not qualified enough for the REAL blockbuster . . .