Friday, November 15, 2013

Schapelle Corby - New Zealand's national broadcaster supports an unknown journalist's bizarre conspiracy theories

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Dear Kevin (CEO of TVNZ)

Thanks for the really massive plug you just gave me, but I really don't need it (or care), because unlike the idiots who work in the media (who the public rated lower than sex workers in a recent Reader's Digest survey), I have a real job to do as a nurse - and sadly if I carried out my duties with same cavalier disregard for the facts as you, my patients would die like flies . . . so next time you rock up at your local emergency department, be thankful health workers are real professionals, not pretend ones like journalists . . .

Further Kevin, let's remember your crazy bunch of co-workers also accused Lindy Chamberlain of witchcraft in a wacky telemovie that's since sunk without a trace.  I guess it was a more comfortable option for the corporate fat cats than the truth about the high level cover-up in that tragic case.

And to-day, even though the whole World's talking about the #qantascrims, you insist on promoting bizarre conspiracy theories about Australians smuggling marijuana FROM Australia TO Bali, just to make a LOSS of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You also ignore well documented evidence of horrific corruption at Australian airports - while uncritically swallowing the febrile fantasy of a small-time crook who was paid to lie.

Regards, Kim