Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A course in ethics for Kate Langbroek

Click on the above extract from Schapelle's book to enlarge and read her scathing assessment of Kate Langbroek's squalidly dishonest and vicious behaviour.

Hi Kate,

Here's some bedtime reading for you, the Code of Ethics you obviously use to wipe your arse with.  It's time to splash out and buy bog roll instead . . .

It's also time to digest some in-your-face common sense - though with your nasty (though profitable), lynch mob mentality I guess you find flame-bearing rabbles more comfortable and familiar.

But you know what? The irony is, you sniffed around Schapelle's skirt like some desperate mangy dog because you know she's a million times more interesting (and recognisable), to the Australian public than your dull narcissism.  I'm tempted to call you a has been, but quite honestly, it's more like a never was . . .

Regards, Kim