Saturday, December 28, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Exposing the Fairfax slime bags

Hi David, (also widely shared on Facebook here)

The one who (quote): "Meditates on patterns in popular culture" and writes . . .

"Schapelle has had a troubled birth, with friends of the Corby family angrily attempting to block what they imagined would be a script critical of the beloved martyr. Abbie Cornish dropped out, so now we’ll have the opportunity to see if Krew Boylan can match the eyes, the hair and the madness. We’re promised new details on whether the “beauty student” was guilty, and who else was involved."

So "Mediate" on this pattern you pretentious dummy - because nasty little arseholes like yourself also wet their pants over this bizarre crap at the time - as the corporate cover-up at the heart of the scandal was hidden from public view.  Baby eating dingos aren't good for business, and neither are criminals masquerading as baggage handlers.

As for the "Friends" of the Corby family you refer to, it's actually over 17,000 people on Facebook - seems an awful lot of people to fit into the front room if you ask me - but then I'm just a nurse, and not a member of the zombie press.

Regards, Kim