Sunday, December 8, 2013

Schapelle Corby - A letter to Julian Burnside: Why are you ignoring human rights abuses and corruption?

Addit: Julian is in receipt of full contact details for a reply. Addit - and here's a REPLY from Julian, with a response to him HERE

Addit - and some further commentary from Kathryn Holder, which goes to the heart of this issue.  Schapelle has been so successfully labelled and smeared by the corporate media (a well-known process skillfully described here via Media Lens), that the "Fashionistas" of Australia's human rights industry are too scared to get their hands dirty.  Let's face it, if you go to aid of the bullied kid in the schoolyard, you might just get a smack in the mouth too . . .

Dear Julian (From Kim Bax),

I wrote this to you 16 months ago - and you chose to ignore it (and Schapelle), completely.  This innocent woman has now been incarcerated in the most appalling conditions for over 9 years - and she's most certainly innocent, here's the documentary (and here's further leaks since then) - and here's a description of the savagery Briton Rachel Dougall endured in Kerobokan Prison (also described by author Kathryn Bonella), which Schapelle's STILL suffering. No wonder she's psychotically depressed and suicidal.

But quite apart from her innocence, the 20 year term is hugely discriminatory and widely out of line with normal sentencing in Indonesia (for similar offences) - as seen in this fax from her Indonesian lawyer. Further, Indonesian politicians are now screaming for her blood, on fire with the desire to use her as a political punching bag.

If Australia jailed foreigners far longer than their own citizens (for similar offences), then threatened to punish them for the slights of their native Government, you'd be howling with indignation and public outrage within hours (and rightly so). So why are you so silent about Schapelle Julian?  Has she been the nation's object of derision (and deliberate mud flinging), for so long, you no longer notice? Did you know they wanted to hang Lindy Chamberlain too? And it was once very fashionable to shit on this viciously bereaved mother from a great height? While the media, in their keen desire not to expose the corporate greed at the heart of Lindy's shameful treatment, even (quite literally), accused of her witchcraft.

In a similar vein, I guess drug smuggling baggage handlers like this aren't very good for business, are they Julian? Kinda tarnishes the shiny corporate image . . .

So, to sum up - I want a clear public response from you on this (ASAP), considering you had plenty of "Time" for both David Hicks and Julian Assange.  They way things stand at the moment (and with current developments), Schapelle could easily come home in a box.

Lastly, all other formal human rights organisations in Australia are ignoring this travesty too - here's the evidence.  Could you please raise a public response from any of them? Because my repeated phone calls and letters are ignored.

Regards, Kim