Saturday, December 21, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Lex Lasry, another compromised & indifferent member of Australia's human rights industry?

Lex Lasry thinks getting caught with several kilos of heroin strapped to your body on the way OUT of Bali is roughly the same as QANTAS baggage handlers stashing 4.2 kilos of marijuana in an innocent tourist's bag, heading INTO Bali - at least, that's what he seems to be saying here.

No-one wants to see ANYONE executed, but Schapelle's case has nothing to do with the circumstances of the Bali 9 - except of course, it's "Fashionable" for Australia's human rights industry to speak out on their behalf, while completely abandoning an innocent woman and ignoring the squalid domestic corruption that sent her to hell . . . So here's some advice & questions for Lex . . .

Watch this documentary.

How the hell do you explain your silence on THIS new outrage, Indonesian politicians screaming for Schapelle's blood because of the latest spying debacle?

Are you just another human rights "Fashionista" Lex?

Please read what I recently wrote to Julian Burnside.

What's your reaction to this starkly simple and common sense information?

Was Occam smarter than you Lex?

How come QANTAS baggage handlers can import 200 kilos of cocaine and stay out of jail?

And here's some breaking news about baggage handler crime Lex (late 2013), HERE and HERE - so tell me after perusing that, are you game to leave your airline luggage unlocked? Because one of Australia's top cops, Ray Cooper, thinks you're a fool if you do - as does senior customs officer (now retired), Allan Kessing.  Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers wouldn't be too impressed either, but he can't say much now because he's dead.

Lastly, innocent Australian couple Steve & Dee could probably give you some advice too - because they nearly ended up in the same situation as Schapelle, as confirmed in this letter to Alexander Downer from Kevin Rudd