Saturday, December 21, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Michael Bachelard & Fairfax Media scrabble to cover their tracks

Click on the pic above (to enlarge it) & access a very recent screen grab from this new article about Schapelle (also saved as a web archive at the time).  As you can see, the screen grab states Schapelle was found with 8.2 kilos of marijuana (completely exaggerated and incorrect), while the on-line article's NOW amended to state 4.2 kilos of marijuana (correct) - after this complaint.

However, Fairfax Media is not getting out of this without a public, printed apology, of equal prominence to the original article - which would have been circulated in hard copy to a lot of people.  Complaints are still underway (in expectation of the same), to Fairfax and the Press Council.

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