Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Schapelle Corby - What happened to corrupt cop Mariani?

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Dear Scott (cc Tony Abbott),

I note this recent article (27 Nov 2013), about your commitment to "Weed out" corrupt customs officials - so you must agree jailing corrupt police who also severely compromise border security is of prime importance? Or do they just get a slap on wrist, and no "Porridge"?

And BTW, you may be interested in Larry Pickering's new take on this "Border security" charade, via his Facebook page.  It was "Liked" 269 times and shared over a 100 times.

So Scott, how much jail time did corrupt NSW cop Mariani get? Because he was named in these leaked New South Wales Crime Commission meeting minutes. And we're going to keep on asking that key question (very publicly), until we get an answer.  So I suggest you get on the blower to your mate Barry O'Farrell and ask him.

Those leaked documents also prove small time criminal William Moss was telling the truth about Schapelle, as explained to millions of Australian woman in this New Idea article and this one - and in more detail here.  That's why millions of Aussie woman want Schapelle home NOW.

Look forward to hearing from you Scott.

Regards, Kim