Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Schapelle Corby - The Guardian covers up Australian crime & corruption: A letter to Guardian Editors Katherine Viner & Alan Rusbridger

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Dear Katherine & Alan,

I note Guardian Australia was launched in 2013 - and I also note your article of Wednesday 8 January 2014, re allegations a Murdoch aide was intent on fleeing to Australia to avoid criminal responsibility.

I guess she must have got her inspiration from The Guardian Australia, as the publication seems to think media crime doesn't exist in the Land Down Under, despite Rupert Murdoch's overwhelming monopoly in Ocker Land. You appear to believe Aussie hacks wear halos. So is that why when you got this damning information re Schapelle's case, sent to you just recently, it went straight in the bin? And you chose to regurgitate AAP crap instead?

You're simply cowards, intent on not rocking the boat in your new pond. Yellow-streaked bores who refuse to investigate Col Chapman's shocking allegations of Aussie media crime or rip open one of the 21st Century's most apalling and sustained media smear campaigns.

So now, as long time peace campaigner and environmental activist, I certainly won't choose The Guardian Australia for cutting edge analysis and honesty, I'll go to The Stringer - unlike you, they have a strong record of fearlessness.

Regards, Kim