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Schapelle Corby - Michael Danby, the people's white trash bogan MP

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Michael Danby MP thinks Schapelle is a "White trash bogan," (see the screen grab above of his re-tweet to-day). So here's some advice for you Michael, go sell your backside on the streets of your electorate, because according to this 2013 Readers Digest survey, your voters would respect you more. You come in at number 49 on the list of 50 professions, while sex workers trump you at number 46.

And here's the doco about the corruption that sent an innocent woman to hell.

Schapelle Corby - Taking the facts to our local communities from the grass roots up!!!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Schapelle Corby - Message to Kerry Stokes from the LNP Government: AFP stormtroopers RULE!!!

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Schapelle Corby & The squalid hypocrisy of Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch's squalid henchman Andrew Bolt decries any payment to Schapelle, while lying to the public by telling them she's allowed to speak out for "Free," when that's not true, she's gagged, full stop - even though Indonesia's French parolee Michael Blanc has already given an unfettered TV interview. But hypocritically, the nasty little hack also ignores Rupert Murdoch's HUGE pot of gold to Divine Brown for her sordid tale of a car seat blow job . . . How sick can you get?


Schapelle Corby - Channel 7 outs the Aussie stormtroopers

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Schapelle Corby & The Keystone Cops

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Breaking scenes from outside Schapelle Corby's villa!!!

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Anatomy of a smear: News Corp v Schapelle Corby

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Schapelle Corby - Fairfax makes terror pay!!!

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A blessing for Schapelle Corby

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Schapelle Corby & Australia's narcissistic hacks

 Click on the image to enlarge & read - and here's the latest on Australia's media scum.

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Schapelle Corby - Radio star John Laws spreads lies about a maliciously faked, photo-shopped image

Via Dianne Ferola

Please have John Laws make a public apology to Schapelle Corby on air.


I listened to the John Laws show when he had a chat with a man who called called in... Mr John Waite, a guy who called for a chat about the Expendable Project, a web site with the evidence which proves Schapelle Corby is innocent of the crime she has been falsely convicted

John Laws insulted John, told him to go back to the UK, and then proceeded to mention a picture he had seen of Schapelle Corby smoking a bong, which he told his listeners about.

John Laws' disgusting use of a radio platform to spread a malicious false impression about Schapelle Corby is outrageous. His comment re a picture he had seen on the internet was totally wrong, and had he done any investigation at all as to the authenticity of this image he would know it was a fake.

The picture he mentioned is a manipulated graphic, a FAKE! It was put together by some nasty horrible person.

Yet, John Laws led your listeners to believe it was a genuine image. I, like others, am disgusted, and he should apologize for his deception. 

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A widely shared message to Rupert Murdoch from Schapelle Corby

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Schapelle Corby - Exposing the Aussie media vultures

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Here's WHY Australia and Indonesia are terrified of Schapelle Corby

Click on the image to enlarge it.  Google trends HERE.

And here's even more recent, widely shared background on the massive publicity the real facts about Schapelle have received.

Australia & Indonesia are terrified of Schapelle Corby

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Clive Palmer MP backs Schapelle Corby

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Schapelle Corby - Attacks on Schapelle's supporters coming thick & fast from the corporate media now, and the supporters agree, the smear merchants have EVERY reason to be extremely worried

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Schapelle Corby - A feminist asks for a right of reply

Dear Andrew,

As this hastily written piece was penned in direct response to my tweets to the author, do I have a right of reply? I can put together a cogent, higher quality and tightly written article (of the same length), within the next seven days, it would be my pleasure.

I'm a qualified psychiatric nurse of 35 years experience, and on the front line of Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp when (most probably), Lauren Rosewarne was still in nappies - though it's hard to tell from the caked on make-up (I never bother with it myself, have you read The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf?).  I also studied sociology (specialising in women's issues), at North East London Polytechnic (now The University of East London), for four years.

Or are you as terrified of the facts of this case as Lauren Rosewarne is? They were shared over 300 times within the last 24 hours (still rapidly rising), published by the Wikileaks Party, and by the notable anti-racism campaigner Gerry Georgatos at The Stringer (with more detail on Gerry's pieces here).

I look forward to your formal reply.

Regards, Ms. Kim Bax

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Schapelle Corby - Sharing the facts with THOUSANDS of Aussies On 7 February 2014: This new post is getting HUNDREDS of shares!!!!

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Schapelle Corby - New Idea Mag SLAMS Channel 9's smear movie & a SCORCHING new doco's set rip open the broadcaster's lies

Click on the picture to enlarge & read it. Very widely shared details on Facebook HERE - and here's a short description of New Idea's graphic new article: Schapelle Corby: My quest for justice

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Channel 9 get a HUGE roasting on their Facebook page about their Schapelle Corby smear movie

Click on the 3 Feb 2014 screen grab above to enlarge and read comments from Channel 9's Facebook page, the corporation gets a roasting - and they're also WELL behind when it comes to social media networking, here's the evidence.

And one more thing, a 2 Feb 2014 News Corp reader poll says they've already flopped.

Schapelle Corby - People power beats the corporations on the social media BIG TIME: Advertisers beware and avoid the Channel 9 smear movie like the plague

Click on the picture to enlarge & read the facts - and here's the People for Schapelle thread that was shared with hundreds of thousands of Australians.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Schapelle Corby - Channel 9's smear movie FLOPS!!!

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Seems the Channel 9 smear movie "About" Schapelle has bombed, coming LAST in this recent news poll (2 Feb 2014), that's despite the fact her own book was a record best seller (see here too), and is STILL flying out of book shops.  Maybe Channel 9 could run classes on how to turn silk purses into sow's ears? They're very good at it. My prediction was right.

And let's face it, their lead actress is NO Meryl Streep . . . she looks much more like an "Elaine Who?" to me . . . Guess that's what happens when you hire unknowns who can't act, and headline obscure journalists who were forced to pulp their first book . . .

Schapelle Corby - A formal complaint to the UK's Press Complaints Commission, re Daily Mail smears against an innocent woman

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To the Press Complaints Commission

Good morning,

I wish to lodge a formal complaint about this Daily Mail article of 30 January 2014, relating to "Accuracy," as per these quoted guidelines from your site . . .

i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.

ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and - where appropriate - an apology published. In cases involving the Commission, prominence should be agreed with the PCC in advance.

There are multiple issues with the Daily Mail piece, and I'm sure you'll hear from many others, but for brevity and simplicity these are the glaring problems I (personally), wish to raise with you - and dissecting this quote from the newspaper goes to the heart of them:

"The Schapelle movie is based partly on a book Sins of the Father by Sydney journalist Eamonn Duff, which squarely points the finger at Schapelle's father as having bought the marijuana and sending his daughter to the holiday island to traffick the drugs to tourists.

The book was able to be published because Mick Corby, who had a record for cannabis possession and alleged drug trade connections, died from cancer in 2008."

So here are my points (as extracted from the above quote):


". . . which squarely points the finger at Schapelle's father as having bought the marijuana and sending his daughter to the holiday island to traffick the drugs to tourist."

Any reasonable person reading that would assume it's "Normal" for Australians to take commercial amounts of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali ". . . to traffick the drugs to tourists," but nothing could be further from the truth.  Schapelle is the first person in living history (before or since), accused of this "Crime," as per these early press reports - and Australian Customs have also confirmed this "Flow" does not exist, as per their letter to a concerned member of the public. This is because around the time Schapelle flew from Australia to Bali, marijuana was over 100 times cheaper in Indonesia (as compared to Australia).  This is clearly validated in this snippet from this United Nations report.

Therefore, many people reasonably think Schapelle was an unwitting drug mule for criminal baggage handlers, as described in this article, which quotes senior police officer Ray Cooper. Schapelle took a domestic flight from Brisbane to Sydney, and then travelled on to Bali. It's logical to assume the drugs were intended for Sydney (were they had a profitable street value), rather than Bali (where they did not) - however the corrupt baggage handlers made a "Mistake," the contraband accidentally flew on to Bali, and the rest is history.

The author of the article completely fails to mention this crucial information (re the uniqueness of the charges against Schapelle, the price differential and the correspondence from Australian Customs), and also fails to mention the very widely held alternative scenario, thus grossly misleading readers.  That is my first complaint.


"The book was able to be published because Mick Corby, who had a record for cannabis possession and alleged drug trade connections, died from cancer in 2008."

The author fails to mention why the book was " . . . able to be published" only after Michael Corby died (which is a crucial omission likely to have a serious impact on reader perceptions), it's because in Australia the families of the dead cannot sue for defamation.  If Michael Corby was alive, he would have sued the author and won - just as Schapelle's sister Mercedes Corby sued Channel 7 for similar untruthful allegations, and won.

Then this quote: " . . . who had a record for cannabis possession" leads reasonable people to believe Michael Corby had a police record for cannabis possession, he did not - and here is the evidence, a certificate relating to his clean background from the Queensland Police, which you are welcome to independently verify.

Further, despite spruiking these lies about Michael Corby " . . . and alleged drug trade connections" the author completely fails to mention those "Alleged drug trade connections" were thoroughly rubbished by the Queensland Police.  Here's what they said . . . Queensland Police today said investigations into the statements made against Mr Corby had found them to be unjustified. "Queensland Police has no evidence to link Michael Corby with involvement in the drug trade," a police spokesperson told AAP. "It's dead, over. It's an old story and I don't know why it's getting more attention." . . . from this article.

The collection of serious issues raised in point two above (taken as a whole), give the reader a seriously skewed and inaccurate picture. That is my second complaint.

I look forward to your response.

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax