Friday, February 14, 2014

Schapelle Corby - Radio star John Laws spreads lies about a maliciously faked, photo-shopped image

Via Dianne Ferola

Please have John Laws make a public apology to Schapelle Corby on air.


I listened to the John Laws show when he had a chat with a man who called called in... Mr John Waite, a guy who called for a chat about the Expendable Project, a web site with the evidence which proves Schapelle Corby is innocent of the crime she has been falsely convicted

John Laws insulted John, told him to go back to the UK, and then proceeded to mention a picture he had seen of Schapelle Corby smoking a bong, which he told his listeners about.

John Laws' disgusting use of a radio platform to spread a malicious false impression about Schapelle Corby is outrageous. His comment re a picture he had seen on the internet was totally wrong, and had he done any investigation at all as to the authenticity of this image he would know it was a fake.

The picture he mentioned is a manipulated graphic, a FAKE! It was put together by some nasty horrible person.

Yet, John Laws led your listeners to believe it was a genuine image. I, like others, am disgusted, and he should apologize for his deception. 

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