Saturday, September 27, 2014

Schapelle Corby - An open letter to the ABC's Mark Colvin as he defends sick abuse and lies

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Dear Mark,

I see you jumped to the defence of your ABC mate John Stewart within seconds, after his shocking outburst was tweeted to you (with the full interaction here).  Perhaps that's because in your mind, he's a "Real" human being, while Schapelle and her family are sub-human, working class dross, deserving of all the abuses heaped on them? If they were dark-skinned (though some of them are), I guess I could accuse you of entrenched racism, so let's just call this a glaring example of your entrenched classism and deep contempt for Aussies who toil on the shop floor. Schapelle's Mum slogged her guts out to keep her fish & chip shop on the Gold Coast going, and her deceased Father was a hard working miner.

Why do I say that? Here's more evidence of the ABC's dyed-in-the-wool snob culture you reflexively mirror. According to your colleagues at The Drum, Schapelle and her relatives are (to quote directly), a  "Bogan fish-and-chip shop family."  You may be interested in my scathing reply to that outrageous piece, which was published in the progressive press. It dissects these deeply disturbing prejudices within Australia's national broadcaster. 

Further, here's a deeply troubling litany of facts relating to Schapelle's case that both you (and your employer), refuse to report, and here's some background on the hush money ABC Australia paid petty criminal William Moss after his shocking revelations.  And you want more info on the appalling methods of your "Mate" John Stewart? You'll find it here. And one more thing, here's the outcome of very recent, high profile court action you (and all your colleagues), kept their mouths shut about, because the ABC refused to report it. Terrify you did it? It should have done, considering your mate John Stewart conveniently jumped ship before the proverbial hit the fan, and removed his name from the later version of the book.

So here's a reply to you Mark, from Schapelle's so-called "Bogan" mother, sharing the facts you refuse to report over 720 times on Facebook, and all over the Australian media.

And one more thing, it goes without saying you will never reply to this open letter, because you have neither the courage or the facts to back you up.  Your silence condemns you.

Regards, Kim