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Schapelle Corby & a stark message to Senator Nova Peris: Witchburnings don't discriminate so expose Murdoch NOW!!!

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Now Senator Nova Peris and Schapelle have something in common, both viciously targeted by Murdoch's gutter press (here & here).  Though Nova should be grateful for small mercies, at least she wasn’t forced to hide in a filthy toilet, fending off a jungle of flashing cameras and screamed questions. The witch burning begins, how does it feel Nova? Schapelle’s weathered the flaming pyre for years, with taunts like “Bogan scum” hurled like rotten tomatoes. What’s waiting for you? “Abbo slut”? The hatred the Dirty Digger wrings from the bottom dwellers is like a huge belch from the sewer. It’s his speciality.

To clarify, my knowledge of indigenous politics is shockingly poor, I’m not a professional journalist and I don’t live in Nova’s constituency. My humble view is Australia’s first people get a disgusting deal, horribly compounded by politicians who think they “Know best” and ignore local wisdom. However, when I see Nova targeted by the Murdoch machine, my first thought isn’t “What’s she done wrong?” it’s “What’s she done right”? Schapelle’s “Crime” in Murdoch’s eyes was refusing to give a false confession and let Howard’s rat bag team off the hook, as the privatised Sydney Airport drowned in corruption and security holes. Customs whistleblower Allan Kessing repeatedly underlined those facts, though he was shafted too.

Gross abuses of power and trust regularly go unreported in the Land Down Under, such as Rupert Murdoch’s real thoughts about the media crime scandal that engulfed his empire. That wasn’t trumpeted here in headlines screaming “Rupert, nothing is private anymore,” as tapes showing his shocking attitude to the squalor were leaked.  “Why are the police behaving in this way? It's the biggest inquiry ever, over next to nothing” he said. But sadly, even though UK news consumers got the inside story on Murdoch’s arrogance (and the recording that proved it), there wasn’t a whisper in Ocker Land. No headlines from Murdoch’s political editor Malcolm Farr, who called his smug opinion piece about the besieged senator “Nova Peris, nothing is private anymore.”

So what do we know about Nova Peris? We know she didn’t hack the phone of a dead schoolgirl, or lie about football fans pickpocketing the dead, nor was she shamed into closing down a long-standing newspaper because it was so vile and she wasn’t the subject of a book exposing scores of despicable acts. So why the hell does Rupert Murdoch get such an easy ride in his birthplace, while in the UK he’s dragged out in public and stoned? The contrast couldn’t be more stark.  So let’s wise up, if you think Murdoch’s stink tank isn’t up to the same crap Down Under you’re naive.  Private Invstigator Col Chapman went into painful detail about Australian media crime, but so far he’s resolutely ignored by those who should know better.  Perhaps they’re terrified of opening Pandora’s Box? 

And another question to Murdoch’s troll Malcolm Farr, who tells Nova Peris “Nothing is private any more,” does that include me? As a private citizen, a long time supporter of Schapelle and a lowly, shift-working nurse I was also targeted by the media for a smear-fest.  Luckily, I’m incredibly boring and their secret investigation came to nothing.  I don’t have a criminal history, though how an earth they discovered that news is tantalising, given my record (or lack of one), is private and (officially speaking), can’t be accessed without my permission.  Are there corrupt links between the police and journalists in Australia too?

Some come on Australia, wake the hell up.  The Brits wiped the floor with Murdoch, what are we waiting for? The next one on his hellish bonfire could be any of us. I guess Nova didn’t give much thought to Schapelle’s ordeal, but now the blow torch is searing her flesh too, how many of us can deny Leveson4Oz is WAY overdue? Media crime is not acceptable and Australia is not some sunny, alternate reality where a globalised Murdoch empire puts down its despicable ways at our border.

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Schapelle Corby - FLASHBACK: Exposing the scale of Australian censorship

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ABC Australia deliberately censors a news story favourable to Schapelle Corby & her family

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Schapelle Corby - An Open question to Marni Cordell, Editor of Crikey

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Dear Marni,

I note Crikey published a damning article by customs whistle blower Allan Kessing, but you've since refused to report or reference his stunning verdict on Schapelle's case and the internal airport corruption that sent an innocent woman to hell.  Is that because you're partly owned by Allen & Unwin, who were successfully sued by Schapelle's family for selling a book of lies and smears about them?  I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - FLASHBACK: October 2013, Allan Kessing, a national hero, loses everything again

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Schapelle Corby's Mother speaks out

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Schapelle Corby - Happy birthday Mercedes!!!

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Schapelle Corby - A reply to Richard Ackland's new dummy spit . . .

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OMG Richard, how it must pain you to see an ordinary, working class family knock spots off the  corporate hacks, considering your previous vitriol about Schapelle - but (of course), that smearing nastiness was published in the Fairfax press and here's their dishonourable track record.

Via the snide tone of your latest piece (scroll to "Corbys cash in media money pot"), you appear to blame Schapelle's long suffering relatives for seeking justice in relation to the appalling smears against them - and you just can't bring yourself to call her loved one's a "Family" can you? Did the word stick in your throat? Quote . . . Channel Ten is facing actions from clan members Mercedes, Roseleigh, Michael jnr, and half-brother James Kisina, all suing over not so carefully chosen words from Steve Price on The Project. 

Goebbels would be proud of you Richard, well done. You're following a well-worn path, as explained in this paragraph (from an article of mine), published in The Stringer, quote: Language is powerful, language is magic in action, language creates reality and “Labelling” is the propagandist’s chief tool. So hey, don’t bother about that wop, that wog, that nigger, that bogan, they’re not like you, while the words themselves conjure up graphic images of degenerate humanity, people better off dead or marginalised.  But it goes even deeper, seeing someone as “Other” is prerequisite for the most appalling violence against them (hence the trivialisation of the ghastly abuses Schapelle’s endured, which some performers have used as comedic fodder for their gigs), but that’s not enough, it needs an extra dollop of passion.  Where does that come from? It comes from the shadow, it comes from the painful, unacknowledged drives we can’t bear to own, so we project them on to the conveniently labelled victims, the “Sluts,” the “Faggots,” the “Dirty Jews,” the “Filthy Muslims,” and the list goes on.  I don’t even think it’s a conscious process, and it’s the fuel of hate. Hence the first burning times that swept Europe, as innocent women were incinerated or hung as “Witches,” and the second burning times as the Holocaust claimed a generation. The roots are the same, and here I respectfully bow to Willhelm Reich, the political activist and psychoanalyst who explored these powerful themes in his ground breaking book, “The Mass Psychology of Fascism,” as did psychiatrist Frantz Fanon in “The Wretched of the Earth.”

But no worries Richard, I guess you (just like Wendy Harmer), know exactly where your bread is buttered, as I recently explained here.  And one more thing, you forgot something, Channel 9 is also in the legal firing line  . . . Have a good day.

Schapelle Corby - FLASHBACK, exposing the squalor of Rupert Murdoch

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Schapelle Corby - Why John Howard undermines democracy

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Schapelle Corby - Exposing the talentless fleapit of Australian "Comedy"

An open note to Wendy Harmer and others Aussie "Comedians" . . . also shared on Facebook here

What were you thinking sweetie, as you spouted crocodile tears about your abuse of a tortured woman  and admitted . .

"I was working as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s and performed a routine I had written which posed the question: 'What if they made Lindy Chamberlain The Musical?' The centrepiece of this rave was the 1967 tune by The Association called: 'Everyone Knows It’s Windy' which I had cleverly re-written as 'Everyone Knows It’s Lindy.'" 

Sadly, it's not hard to fathom what was going through your mind. As Lindy herself explained, the witch hunt against her was politically driven, underlined again by Michael Chamberlain's exposure of the corporate interests at risk. So I guess you thought it was wise career move join the lynch mob, but jumped ship when it wasn't politically correct any more (to score a few more brownie points). Let's face it, you obviously didn't (and don't), have the guts, talent and intelligence to go against the tide - but you were clearly savvy enough to understand the gutter press would promote your efforts, as you happily supported their agenda in return. God forbid you'd recant before it was the "Done thing" (and I see you didn't).

That's why you still publish bile about about the innocent, and that's why comedy in Australia is dead.  It's easier to target the weak and voiceless, because the likes of you have neither the guts or brilliance to target the corrupt and powerful.  Meanwhile braver souls go their grave or lose everything they have (more here).

But there is one bright spot, self-serving crap like yours is also terminally boring, and maybe one reason (amongst several), that the gutter media is going to the wall in droves.