Thursday, October 2, 2014

Schapelle Corby - Exposing the talentless fleapit of Australian "Comedy"

An open note to Wendy Harmer and others Aussie "Comedians" . . . also shared on Facebook here

What were you thinking sweetie, as you spouted crocodile tears about your abuse of a tortured woman  and admitted . .

"I was working as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s and performed a routine I had written which posed the question: 'What if they made Lindy Chamberlain The Musical?' The centrepiece of this rave was the 1967 tune by The Association called: 'Everyone Knows It’s Windy' which I had cleverly re-written as 'Everyone Knows It’s Lindy.'" 

Sadly, it's not hard to fathom what was going through your mind. As Lindy herself explained, the witch hunt against her was politically driven, underlined again by Michael Chamberlain's exposure of the corporate interests at risk. So I guess you thought it was wise career move join the lynch mob, but jumped ship when it wasn't politically correct any more (to score a few more brownie points). Let's face it, you obviously didn't (and don't), have the guts, talent and intelligence to go against the tide - but you were clearly savvy enough to understand the gutter press would promote your efforts, as you happily supported their agenda in return. God forbid you'd recant before it was the "Done thing" (and I see you didn't).

That's why you still publish bile about about the innocent, and that's why comedy in Australia is dead.  It's easier to target the weak and voiceless, because the likes of you have neither the guts or brilliance to target the corrupt and powerful.  Meanwhile braver souls go their grave or lose everything they have (more here).

But there is one bright spot, self-serving crap like yours is also terminally boring, and maybe one reason (amongst several), that the gutter media is going to the wall in droves.