Friday, November 14, 2014

Schapelle Corby - Exposing the corporate "Left" hacks: Media Lens shreds The Guardian's dreary propaganda

Media Lens excoriates The Guardian for their relentless mocking of Russell Brand and Julian Assange in some of the most masterful and eloquent take downs I've ever seen, here and here, but as evident in the captured tweets below (from Julian Assange's mother Christine), Schapelle is just as high profile in Australia and has been subjected to the same level of media bullying and smears . . . (& post shared on FB here)
For example, Guardian hack Paolo Totaro snears at woman who spent nearly 10 years in a filthy Indonesian prison, subject to appalling abuses  . . . “If she stops a BBQ these days it’s for everyone to concur that she’s guilty … and how gullible the nation was to ever think otherwise.” Really Totaro? I don't think so, not when this post was recently shared 719 times on Facebook and this one shared 596 times (just a couple of examples from many) - and not when Schapelle's book sold over 100,000 copies in the first year, and was re-printed again a full seven years after it was first published.  Because you see, if Schapelle's innocent, it exposes the most shocking corruption at Australian airports and outs the "War on Terror" as a sham, as corrupt insiders rifle through passenger's luggage at will.  Hence the "Liberal" media's panic (and school yard bullying), directed at a young, working class woman.

Here's the documentary exposing the facts both the "Left" (corporate) and right wing media censor Down Under, and here's the shocking background on media crime and deliberate smears in Julian Assange's native country.  Murdoch's witch burning ways are echoed right across the political spectrum, as the dreary corporate "Left"  (and their hangers on), pour fuel on the pyre.