Friday, December 5, 2014

Schapelle Corby - Will the last journo at Fairfax please turn out the lights before you go . . .

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Hi Paul,

Saw your childish dummy spit about an innocent woman (and the grassroots justice campaign to expose the corruption that sent to hell for nearly 10 years), in your recent article. I also spotted shameless promotion of your Fairfax mate Eamonn Duff and his weird theories, which you say made “Pretty decent” TV drama.  Not sure what planet you live on, but on mine Duff’s bizarre tale bombed with audiences. However, I do understand your rage and prejudice, it’s quite explicable.  Let’s face it, the outfit you work for is going down the drain faster than soap suds at a Chinese laundry, as punters desert the dull drone of beige hacks like you en masse.  So I guess you’re obliged to spruik your colleague, it’s likely you’ll both be in the unemployment line soon - and as Duff’s first (and only), title was an umitigated disaster, I reckon his prospects are dim.  He bombed commercially and legally, though in one bright spot I hear he won’t run out of bog roll for ages, as his lame opus is pulped for more useful purposes.  Meanwhile, Schapelle’s book sold over 100,000 copies in the first year alone and was quickly translated into six languages.  It’s also relevant to note you can still pop down to your local bookshop and buy a copy (unlike Duff’s disaster), because it was recently re-published.  So it’s no surprise “Professional” journos like yourself are prone to hissy fits about the lady, because she’s much more successful at publishing than the clowns at Fairfax.  

Meanwhile, there’s still massive public interest in her personal narrative, which is why two Governments colluded to gag her (while other foreign parolees in Indonesia can speak out freely).  Schapelle’s own story is commercial gold for any media outlet savvy enough to work out the Channel 9’s smear movie mirrored the TV hatchet job on Lindy Chamberlain, which also bombed with audiences (anyone remember Elizabeth Hudson? No?), while the real facts required Meryl Streep in the lead, an actor who needs no introduction.

Enough said, I think.

Regards, Kim