Monday, January 12, 2015

Schapelle Corby & David Hicks - Guardian Australia caught with egg on it's face again, as the publication censors HUGE breaking news about the official innocence of Hicks

Chocolate egg scandal? What planet are you on Guardian Australia, reporting this trivia, while failing to report huge breaking news (via Civil Liberties Australia), that Australian David Hicks has been cleared of the allegations against him by the Pentagon and as a result, the Australian Government may have to pay him millions in compensation?     

Click on the pic above to read comments posted in this widely shared Guardian Australia Facebook thread also reproduced above in blue, with the embeded link. Addit - six hours later (still without reporting this huge breaking news about about David Hicks), the Guardian posted a SECOND thread about chocolate eggs, so they got pinged with some more pithy comments and a link.

And here are the multiple facts about Schapelle Guardian Australia also refuses to report, as her high profile case threatens to expose the fraudulent War on Terror.  While John Howard was spending millions on pursuing foreign wars in Iraq, he was actually cutting back on expensive airport security at home to protect the corporate bottom line. And as Media Lens reports, the Guardian (AKA the corporate "Left"), has a shameful history of sacking journalists who reveal the facts about our Global energy wars.