Saturday, January 24, 2015

Schapelle Corby & David Hicks - An open letter to the ABC's Leigh Sales . . .

(Also widely shared on Facebook HERE)

Hi Leigh,

I see you mocked Schapelle, you reckon she's boring - and as for David Hicks, you sneer about his book and ridicule the writing of a young, working class man. Ironic when I don't think you'd last five seconds under the conditions those two souls endured.

It's also clear your comments about Schapelle are bizarre, given your book about David Hicks bombed in comparison to her publication, which sold over 100,000 copies in the first year alone, is now translated into six languages and was recently re-printed (and thus still available in book stores up and down the country).  Writers envy much? You're a dismal failure compared to that.

Also see your vicious Tweet about Schapelle was shared just 86 times on 10 February 2014, but there was a massively more enthusiastic response to Rosleigh Rose's brave stand about her daughter, which was shared over 720 times on Facebook just three days before - and this further post exposing the facts you refuse to discuss was shared almost 600 times around the same time. So plainly, you're a social media flop in comparison too.
But the biggest bombshell challenging your nasty smears about David Hicks is the breaking news he was innocent all along. That cuts you down to size, doesn't it? Anything to say? Want to apologise? Many tweeters think you should, including Brandon Neely (who used to work in Guantanamo) - and The Justice Campaign clearly says your book has long been discredited too. I also note the public enthusiastically shared the latest breaking news about about David Hicks, while (again), your social media effort to deride him was a huge failure in comparison.

Further, The Melbourne Journal of International Law was scathing about your publication and accused you of toadying to the Australian Government, quote: "In our view, taken together, all these qualifications lead to a conclusion that the author has been too kind to the Australian Government." Scroll to: OUR APPRAISAL AND OTHER CRITICISMS for that verdict and the Journal also mentions many other major criticisms of your work in that learned critique.

So I guess your appraisal of David Hicks is as flawed as your one about Schapelle - not surprising really, considering the shocking vendetta against an innocent woman by the Government funded ABC, catalogued in great detail here.

Many tweeters are now laying into John Howard for the way he deserted David Hicks, here's just one widely shared example - and it's true the current head of the ABC Mark Scott was a senior Liberal Party staffer. So are the ABC smears, lies and omissions in relation to David Hicks and Schapelle tied to that incestuous connection? Howard has an awful lot to hide when it comes to Schapelle as well.

In short Leigh, your cheap shots and widely discredited book are squalid and entirely unimpressive.

Regards, Kim