Thursday, January 15, 2015

Schapelle Corby - Guardian Australia censors huge breaking news about David Hicks & censors news about their censorship as well

Click on the above picture to read comments posted by Kim Bax in this 16 January 2015 Guardian Facebook thread, which they published about their "Morning news wrap."  Kim's clearly criticising their continued (and unexplained), failure to report this really huge 13 January 2015 news story about David Hicks (in the same way as they refuse to report key/official facts about Schapelle). But Kim's comments are no longer on the Guardian's Facebook page, as the Guardian deleted them and then "Banned" Kim from making any more comments to their page.

She also politely called them a couple of times, to ask them about their glaring news omission re David Hicks. On all occasions, no-one was "Available" to speak to her - and despite leaving her phone number for someone to get back to her, no-one ever did.

PS - Kim's now deleted and banned commentary at The Guardian Australia included this link and this one.