Monday, January 5, 2015

Schapelle Corby - The Guardian newspaper tunes out the War for Oil again!!!

Click on the pic above to read comments (and a link), posted in this widely shared Guardian Facebook thread also reproduced below in blue (& shared on FB again here):
OMG Guardian, how terribly important and relevant of you to critique Tony Abbott's jacket, while tuning out the War for Oil!!!! Though I guess the Guardian's disgraceful track record in canning journalists like Nafeez Ahmed who speak out on this key issue speaks for itself. See: 

And Guardian Australia got MORE flak in another new thread about Abbott's trip to Iraq . . . click on the picture below to read them . . . 
LOL Guardian, and of course Iraq's oil is the last thing on Abott's (et al), mind? They'd all be in there fighting for what what's "Right" even if Iraq's most precious resource was cow dung? But then of course, the Guardian tends to sack journalists like Nafeez Ahmed who point those uncomfortable facts out