Friday, January 16, 2015

Schapelle Corby - A letter to The Guardian about their gross censorship & hypocrisy

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Dear Guardian and Guardian Australia,

I note your recent, scathing attack on those who threaten free speech, but what about your own censorship of polite debate and legitimate questions?

I was deleted and banned from your Australian Facebook page to-day, after posting these polite comments (more detail here), in relation to your continuing censorship of this huge, breaking news story about David Hicks - which I compared to your failure to report many indisputable facts about Schapelle.

The Guardian is rapidly gaining an unpleasant international reputation for triviality and censorship, as seen in these comments, widely shared via Media Lens to-day (more on Media Lens from John Pilger here).

In the same vein, I also note your appalling treatment of popular journalist and author Nafeez Ahmed, for mentioning Israel's covetous eye on Gaza's energy reserves. You sacked him. I also shared that information in some comments I made at the Guardian UK to-day.

Lastly, after to-day's debacle, I sent the Guardian Australia a formal complaint via email, which was acknowledged.  I look forward to a timely, official response.

Regards, Kim