Saturday, January 10, 2015

Schapelle Corby - An open letter to QANTAS's new spin doctor Todd Sampson, who slams the innocent on behalf of his corporate mates

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Hi Todd,

Guess you thought you were the bees knees when your deluded tweet was shared 174 times? But that's peanuts, this Facebook post exposing the facts was shared 724 times just three days before, while this one (just four days before), was shared 596 times.

And now you're officially part of the QANTAS board, please tell your mates this FB post calling for a boycott of QANTAS was shared 160 times. Further, every time there's Facebook post anywhere in the World about QANTAS, graphic commentary like this is added - and here's some recent, widely shared examples of that. And all social media posts about Schapelle are bombed by her supporters, as per this 5 January 2015 Channel 7, Sunday Night one. In fact, as Channel 7 found out, Schapelle's a great deal more interesting and controversial than Russell Crowe.

And another relevant point? We're all over widely shared tourism posts too, every day.  For instance (though there are many more examples), see comments on Travel & Leisure's FB page, comments on the Lonely Planet FB page and comments on Trip Advisor's FB page.

So for your info Todd (and for the "Info" of the rest of the World), QANTAS baggage handlers helped to import 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004/5, as also confirmed in this 2009 AFP report to the Australian Senate (page 8, point 3.1).  However, as per this 2013 letter from former Minister Jason Clare MP, none of them were arrested or charged. That glaring failure is now the subject of a formal June 2013 complaint to ACLEI, which they acknowledged.  But ACLEI's silence on the issue over the last 19 months (since that complaint), is deafening, though they did promise the Commonwealth Ombudsman they were doing something about it. That news on the ongoing saga will be brilliant for inclusion in Schapelle's NEXT book (as the last one sold over 100,000 copies in the first year alone and and is STILL available in book stores up and down the country, as it was re-printed). I wonder if ACLEI will get back to me by then?

Further still, the book of smears about Schapelle bombed, though in one bright spot, I hear the author won't run out of bog roll for a long time. Then (of course), media commentator Steve Price has to face court very soon too.

Do you think it's time to stop protecting corrupt police, and start protecting the corporate image? I also think former top cop Ray Cooper would agree with that, as would former senior Australian Customs officer Allan Kessing.

Regards, Kim