Thursday, January 29, 2015

Schapelle Corby - A response to Mamamia's vile divisiveness and smears

Click on the pic to read comments posted in this Mammamia Facebook thread - also reproduced below with the embedded live links:

First Schapelle is innocent, see Second, she was given a much harsher sentence for marijuana than any Indonesian (ever), as these facts and figures (plus a letter from Schapelle's Indonesian lawyer), clearly show Third, Schapelle's supporters also back Chan and Sukumaran (even though they're undoubtedly guilty of a crime):  Fourth, most of the Bali Bombers were free after just 5 years Fifth, even the Indonesian men who hacked the heads off of three children on their way to school did not get the death penalty, if Mamamia wants to stop Schapelle bashing for one moment and point out some real unfairness (one got the same sentence as Schapelle, two got much less), here's the BBC article Sixth, it's an utter travesty to mention Kalynda Davis in the same breath as Schapelle, given the latter was whisked out of the country she was accused in (China), before she even had a trial, though being the daughter and grand daughter of senior police probably helped her cause a huge amount Seventh, here's the background on the entrenched Australian Federal Police corruption that sold both Schapelle and the Bali 9 down the river.