Sunday, January 25, 2015

Schapelle Corby - So the Australian Federal Police want to sue Schapelle for receiving the "Proceeds of crime"? Bring it on boys, see you in court . . .

(Also widely shared on Facebook HERE)

The Australian Federal Police raided Channel 7 on 18 February 2014 to gather evidence on possible media payments to Schapelle and her family, so they could confiscate them under proceeds of crime legislation, as widely and graphically mocked in this Facebook post, shared over 170 times.  But their botched efforts cost the Australian tax payer well over a million dollars in wasted funds.

If they wish to continue their keystone cop antics, they'll waste a great deal more cash and get major egg on their faces. See you in court boys. Dan Rogers said the allegations against Schapelle (which she denies), would have to be tested in court, on Australian soil - and the facts would decimate those Australian cowboys parading as law enforcers.

There's now a wealth of formal and official documentation backing Schapelle, as vividly shown here and here  - and many key people would make excellent witnesses, such as former top cop Ray Cooper and former senior Australian Customs officer Allan Kessing. Then (of course), there's always this outstanding complaint to ACLEI for any court to consider (about the criminal Qantas baggage handlers who were never arrested or charged), which that Government body assured the Commonwealth Ombudsman they were investigating.

It's also true the lies and smears wither in open court, as recently and dramatically seen here, so there will be NO repeat of the squalid political seizure of Schapelle's previous book income.  Now we're ready, waiting and armed with weapons more powerful than any sword . . .