Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chris Graham claims he will prove the allegations he made against Senator Nova Peris on 3 November 2014, but has so far bottled out on explaining why he thinks the Indonesian's courts verdict on Schapelle Corby is absolute proof of her guilt (backed up with his facts)

Here's me - a long time campaigner for social justice, as also described in this article at The Stringer. On Tuesday 10 February 2015, I rang New Matilda to speak to Chris Graham, re comments he'd made about Schapelle's "Guilt." In brief, he seems to think the Indonesian court's verdict is absolute proof of the allegations against her, so I called him (and his publication), to challenge him to expand on that strange thesis in print (given many innocent people are convicted in court, including Lindy Chamberlain).  I found his manner aggressive, bullying, personal and abusive. Bizarrely, he harangued me at great length about what I do for a living (actually, I'm an RN and work round the clock at the local hospital).  Because it had nothing to do with the simple question I was asking him I refused to answer, so he accused me of being unemployed (so I guess if I was, which I'm not, that makes my valid questions worthless? Classism and snobbery much?) Actually, I work a lot harder than him (as most nurses do), in much more difficult circumstances.

I had a strong personal feeling Chris would not have spoken to a man in the same way he spoke to me. Like most women, I've come across more than one macho, strutting bully and they all leave the same unmistakeable emotional impression.

Anyway, enough of that.  I also gave him a serve about the long delay in following up on his serious allegations about Nova Peris - at which he promised (with some glee I thought), he was following them up, and not only that, he would prove them in print without a shadow of doubt. So I guess we can look forward to another witch burning from this ham fisted male (given his grossly inappropriate questions to me about my personal circumstances), of the so-called "Left."