Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Schapelle Corby, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran: Countering the smears, lies & ommissions of Channel 9 reporter Jayne Azzopardi

Click on the picture to the left to enlarge and read comments posted in this ninemsm Facebook thread (and also posted again in reply to Kade Jackson's top comment). Also posted below with the embedded links:

Most of the Bali Bombers were free after just 5 years - and even the Indonesian men who hacked the heads off of three children on their way to school did not get the death penalty, so if Jayne Azzopardi (the author of this article, who falsely and maliciously claims Schapelle's living in a "Luxury villa"), wants to stop Schapelle bashing for one moment and point out some real unfairness, here's the BBC article  (one got the same sentence as Schapelle, two got much less). And here's the background on the entrenched Australian Federal Police corruption that sold both Schapelle and the Bali 9 down the river.