Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Schapelle Corby & the Bali 9: Fairfax & ABC Australia take every opportunity they can to lie and smear

Click on the pic above see comments posted in this ABC Australia Facebook thread. Also reproduced below with the live links:

So, Neil McMahon covered Schapelle's case for Fairfax? No wonder his article drips venom for her and fails to mention the gross corruption within the Australian Federal Police that sold both the Bali 9 and Schapelle down the river.  Fairfax and their journos take every opportunity they can to lay into Schapelle, after their squalid hack Eamonn Duff was caught with his pants down over his lies and smears about her and her family - so here's the news story ABC Australia refused to report about a court victory that cost Duff and his publisher hundreds of thousands of dollars and here's more background on Fairfax's deliberate and calculated smear campaign As for our graft-ridden AFP, this graphic post has been shared over 400 times​ and here's the doco about the corruption that sent an innocent woman to hell