Sunday, October 18, 2015

Schapelle Corby - A question to Michael Robotham, President of the Australian Crime Writers Association

Click on the screen grab above to enlarge and read comments posted in this thread.  Comments also posted below with the clickable link (And here's a further, updated screen grab from Michael Robotham's Facebook page after this polite Tweet to him, clearly showing his refusal to engage with the issue)

Michael, I believe you're President of the Australian Crime Writers Association? I also assume you'd be very hurt and angry if you and/or your family were falsely accused of major crime in a book awarded honours by your association? A book that also illegally ripped off family photos and was pulped (by court order), for that very clear infraction? So why are you refusing to respond to Schapelle's family in the wake of their unambiguous legal victory, documented hereDoes the Australian Crime Writers Association have such poor standards that defamatory books (which also breach copyright), are held up as shining examples of excellence to the membership? Please do the honourable thing Michael, stop ignoring Schapelle's family and reply to their concerns. Thank you.